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In the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma in the head and neck, the classification of Cialis 20 mg pills on Cancer (AJCC) is used. It is based on the generally accepted international TNM system (tumor, nodus and metastasis): Since the basalioma grows very slowly, it is most often detected in the early stages. In this case, it is possible to completely remove the tumor. Therefore, staging is not as important in basal cell carcinoma as it is in other forms of skin cancer.

Among the complications of basalioma, the risk of recurrence can be noted. There are cases when basal cell carcinoma recurs even after successful treatment. Also, the occurrence of a basalioma can increase the chance of developing other types of skin cancer, such as squamous cell carcinoma (tumors of keratinocytes). Cases of Tadalafil are described, when basal cell carcinoma mutates and turns into squamous cell carcinoma. For this reason, basal cell carcinoma can be life-threatening as squamous cell carcinoma metastasizes.

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The success of the treatment of basalioma depends on how timely the disease is diagnosed. Diagnosis of skin cancer, including basalioma, in most cases is not difficult. It is enough for a dermatologist to conduct a visual examination and collect an anamnesis. If skin cancer is suspected, a specialist prescribes dermatoscopy to make an accurate diagnosis. It is optical and digital. The doctor performs an optical examination using a dermatoscope. The tool is able to magnify the image dozens of times, it allows you to carefully examine the different layers of the skin. Immersion oil is applied to the skin, which prevents glare and makes the image clearer.

Digital dermatoscopy allows a good examination of large areas of skin, making a map of moles. Such a study is carried out automatically, using the FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM apparatus.


The results of the survey are stored in a database, which allows you to track the slightest changes during regular inspections. To track the growth dynamics of moles, one examination per year is sufficient.


Also, if a pathology is suspected, a general clinical examination is performed, including general and biochemical blood tests. In the process of making a diagnosis, it is necessary to examine regional lymph nodes and exclude the presence of distant metastases.


If during palpation or with the help of tadalafil methods (meaning optical and digital dermatoscopy), the specialist was able to identify abnormalities, the patient is prescribed a biopsy, namely a sentinel biopsy of the lymph nodes.

All patients undergo chest x-ray prior to treatment. It allows you to detect metastases in the lungs. Additional studies may include: computed tomography - for examining the organs of the chest, abdomen and pelvic area; magnetic resonance imaging - to detect metastases in the brain and spinal cord; positron emission tomography - for the diagnosis of those tumor foci that could not be detected using other studies. During this procedure, a special radiopharmaceutical is injected intravenously into the patient, which accumulates in cancer cells. Then, images are taken in which metastases are clearly visible.

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Mohs micrographic surgery (MOHS) is considered one of the standardart of care for basal cell carcinoma. This method allows you to remove tumors located in hard-to-reach places. This operation relieves the surgeon of the need to make a wide indentation, thereby allowing less tissue to be removed than with other operations. This gives the best aesthetic result (for example, in case of damage to the skin around the eyes). The operation takes place under local anesthesia. The surgeon, examining the edges of the tumor under a microscope for the presence of cancer cells, removes the visible tumor layer by layer along with a thin layer of surrounding tissue.

For skin cancer in the early stages, surgical treatment is preferable. Doctors completely remove the tumor and a small area of ​​surrounding skin (within 5 mm from the visible border of the tumor). This is necessary in order to definitely avoid the continuation of tumor growth.

Each removed layer is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The operation is terminated when the tissue section data indicate that the surgeon has reached healthy tissue.

One of the alternative options for removing basalioma is cryotherapy, or cryodestruction, - the destruction of the tumor by means of low temperatures. It is suitable for the treatment of skin cancer in the early stages, before metastasis. There are new classes of drugs that help to control the tumor process for longer and increase survival among patients. First of all, these are targeted drugs. They are used to treat rare forms of basalioma, when the cancer metastasizes deep into the skin, reaching the muscle and bone tissues. Targeted drugs act "aimingly" on cancer cells. They block oxygen to the molecules that feed the tumor, thereby disrupting the mechanism of reproduction of cancer cells.

Basal cell carcinoma rarely spreads to other parts of the body, so treatment is almost always successful, especially if the disease is caught early.

Based on risk factors, the most reasonable preventive measure is protection from ultraviolet radiation, and therefore it is recommended: Less being outside when the sun is at its zenith. Use protective equipment regularly while outdoors. Reapply every two hours. When the sun is at its strongest, wear covered clothing and hats, such as a wide-brimmed hat or peaked hat. Clothing is the best protection against UV exposure. Refuse artificial tanning in the solarium, cosmetic products with self-tanning can become an alternative.

LBrief description of the disease.

The risk group includes older people with fair skin, as well as people who regularly expose themselves to solar radiation.

Basalioma of the skin or basal cell carcinoma is a neoplasm of the skin epithelium, characterized by a pink scaly patch that occurs mainly on the face. Basalioma (or simply a tumor) is a reddish single nodule that rises above the surface of the skin.


Sometimes summer residents are so keen on ennobling their site that they do not notice the scorching sun and neglect protective creams and wide-brimmed hats.

But in vain! This is fraught with the appearance of cancerous tumors - basaliomas. Also, the likelihood of neoplasms, including basalioma, increases several times if you often come into contact with arsenic and petroleum products containing large amounts of carcinogens. Among children and adolescents, the likelihood of basalioma is practically excluded.


The disease proceeds in a superficial form.

The symptoms of skin basal cell carcinoma are not noticeable at first glance, so it is difficult for older people to recognize it at an early stage. At the beginning of its development, the basalioma is small (no more than 1 cm in diameter) and looks like a small pimple on the face or neck. Then these are already nodules, yellowish-gray or dull white, painless, causing slight itching. Several of these nodules, fused together, form a basalioma.


Over the years, the nodules may slowly grow and develop without causing you any inconvenience.

But the result is always the same - a neoplasm of basalioma rising above the surface of cialis 20 mg. It can be of several types: Nodular. It is small, slightly itchy and bleeds. Superficial. Appears as a smooth, pink, shiny basalioma, easy to treat. Flat. A reddish plaque with hard, clear edges, similar to a roller. The surface of the basalioma is scaly, rough. When the scales are separated, a small amount of blood may be released.

Most often, basalioma is successfully treated with one of the following methods.

You should know that basalioma grows very slowly, but in especially advanced cases, it can destroy nearby tissues, including cartilage and bones, which is fraught with severe pain. A severe degree of basalioma is dangerous because it destroys the deep layers of the skin, and when it reaches the bones, it causes pain. Modern medicine offers many ways to treat basalioma. You only need to consult with your doctor in order to determine the most effective of all methods by the stage and structure of the neoplasm.